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Dramatic eye makeup

Makeup should emphasize beauty and highlight your best features, not become a mask for which to hide.
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Love Addiction And Relationship Addiction

By Med Hatt at 2011-01-06 03:15:02
Ongoing research delving on the nature of love addiction is hinting at the possibility of chemical imbalances in the brain, which bring about specific feelings among love addicts as differentiated from those felt by people who fall in love. It can lead to suicide, self harm or mutilation, stalking, rape and yes, even murder. People tend to confuse "true" love from love addiction, especially women. Your partner is positive with this kind of addiction if he/she does dangerous, perilous or destruct
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How to Improve Your Relationships

By Med Hatt at 2011-01-06 03:14:17
By wanting to restart your relationship over must mean that currently your relationship is in a failing condition. The first thing you must consider, is your relationship worth saving? you need to do some deep self searching to find the answer for this question. She told me that before she went out, she had told her boyfriend about the evening, who she was going with and where. Her decision then, as she wrapped up her story, was to get together with her partner and talk with him about this; that
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Uses of Eucalyptus Oil

By Med Hatt at 2010-12-31 01:26:49
The oil can then be dripped into a bowel of boiling water for you to inhale or you can add a couple of drops to a handkerchief and inhale it that way. It's a great method for clearing your nasal passageways as well as clearing your head. Eucalyptus oil is a popular insect repellent, skin treatment and aromatherapy oil. Using eucalyptus oil wisely and with caution is important since it is a potent remedy that can produce sever side effects when used excessively or in combination with the wrong dr
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How to Make a Face Mask

By Med Hatt at 2010-12-31 01:25:49
You might be wondering why homemade face masks you've been making have given no results? The biggest mistake you can make is to choose just any mask. Each one of us has a unique skin type. You probably wouldn't put the word avocado in the same sentence with homemade face mask, right? The only use of avocado I knew of was in a dip, that is, until a friend shared a homemade face mask recipe with me.

From time to time we all suffer from some degree of acne. Millions of dollars are spent every y
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Great Ideas on How to Save relationship

By Med Hatt at 2010-12-29 03:30:26
One of the first things you need to consider before you even start working at saving your relationship is whether or not you really want to save the relationship. In reality almost every relationship can be saved.

You must first decide if the relationship in one that is worth saving. Most relationships can be saved but it can take hard work from both parties who want it to work. If one partner has decided they are out there is very little that can be done.

There comes a time in a relatio
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